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Hommy founded in 1999, we have about 100 workers, our professional development team: electrical engineers, refrigeration engineers, software engineers, hardware engineering and machine structure engineers.

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Hommy’s warehouse use ERP system to controll it , you only use your computer you can check your goods location and quantity that can improve the work efficiency of workers, achieve efficient management, at the same time can reduce the number of inventories and reduce production costs.

From Hommy’s showroom you can see who got more certification : CE ,CB,UL,NSF,SASO also Hommy have some item get some patent .Hommy knows how to protect himself and his customers.

Hommy is located in Jiangmen City, it is a hometown of overseas Chinese, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, with a population of 764,100, known as “Kwai Township”, “Chen Pi Township”, “Fish Rice Township”,“Orange peel Township” , ” stainless steel Township “.

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