Commercial Cold Soda Drinks Vending Machine In Usa

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Product Specification:



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Product Features :

1.?21” screen for advertisement and operation.

2.?Payment system: coin, bill and return coin, ?MDB interface for credit card.

3.?There are 5 flavors for choice that is soda drink with ice or?Tea?drink with ice .

4.?Cooling temperature for softdrink can be available from 0~5?C.

5.?Machine produce ice cube automatically. Cooling temperature -5~0?C.

6.?For water filling, you can connect the machine with tap water or refill the water with water barrel. But we suggest to connect with tap water in order to avoid frequent refiling of water.

7.?Storage of 100pcs 500ml (=16oz) paper cups.

8.?All main languages are available.

9.?Software of remote monitoring and management, allow you to manage the sales data, check the real time status of the machine, sales volume, material situation, material replenish alarm message to mobile phone. Timely discover the machine failure and directly send working diagnosis to the factory monitoring center to solve the problem more quickly.

10.?Machine size : 933X839X1929mm


Product Advantage:

1.?Bigger freezer to keep 6 packing box for the sauces and keep the temperature from 3 degree to 8 degree .


2.?Storage of 100pcs 500ml=16OZ paper cups .


3.The payment system can accept : coin ,bill ,Exchang coin , credit card interface .


4.Computer remote management system: query sales details, shortage reminders, machine failure reminding.


5. ?the machine have automatic clear system , you can base on client requirement to setup how long it will

Automatic to clear one time the machine .

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In the United States, a commercial cold soda drinks vending machine has the potential to provide a convenient and cost-effective way for people to purchase sodas. The vending machine can be placed in a high-traffic area, such as a grocery store, and can offer a wide variety of soda flavors. The vending machine can also be used to promote healthy hydration by offering water or unsweetened beverages as an alternative to soda.

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