HM-PM-03 220v Commercial Brands Stick Ice Popsicle Machine

our agent ask me to check why other company machine price is less than us , we have take one machine to Compare that is more different : 1. choose material different , we use all 304 that use 201 2. the material tank size is less that will effect Cooling speed 3. use motor is small that also effect cooling speed 4. There is no protection for the compressor. 5. controller system is very simply only made popsicle differen care for any thing
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We incredibly recommend to travel for this brand if you are to use a 220v Commercial Brands Stick Ice Popsicle Machine over a routine basis. The product is well suited for the old and the young. 220v Commercial Brands Stick Ice Popsicle Machines are resilient field verified and easy to carry out machine. The products made by all types of products are sanitary and tidy, with excellent taste, real flavor and stable level of quality Our Equipment main market place is :Palestinian Territory,Marshall Islands,Kenya and British Indian Ocean Territory.

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