HM123 Full Automatic Slush Puppie Making Machine

HM123 slush machine have 3 tank , that finish 3 tank slush about 40 minute each tank 12L.that can pass temperature -2 degreethat is easy operation
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The range of items contain Frozen Slushie Making Machine, Granita Snow Cone Full Automatic Slush Puppie Maker, Snow White Sorbet Machine and Three Tank Commercial Carpigiani Slush Puppy Making Machine. The plant is empty and the fire safety precautions are set up. Our item range features a wide range of Full Automatic Snow White Three Tank Slush Maker and Granita Snow Cone Slush Puppie Machine. All varieties of machines and products through the workshop are tested and preserved regularly. Our Equipment main market place is :Kuwait,Singapore,Belarus and Cook Islands.

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