HM25 Pod System Blender One Shot Ice Cream Maker

if you want to made your flavour capsule , you can choose HM28S to do the ice cream and use use our tool by hand to inject into capsule and use HM25 to sell out ice cream , if you choose these machine , before you invest the money not bigger to test the market, if every is good and then buy our automatic produce line
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To keep rate with by no means ending requirements of the customers, the company is critical in delivering good quality range of Pod System Blender One Shot Ice Cream Maker. We are company of a myriad of cooling solution and food-processing machine.our plant is certainly covering a location of 30500 square meter. Pod System Blender One Shot Ice Cream Maker can be one of the goods improved the most up-to-date time for Hommy company. Established in the entire year 1999, our firm includes a sound understanding in the marketplace and hence able to satisfactorily serve the marketplace requirements Hommy company attempting to find purchasers, distributors, wholesalers, agents from Estonia,Nepal,Zimbabwe and Honduras to cooperate.

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