Hommy base on HM766S to upgrade HM736S automatic ice cream vending machine

Smart Self Service Intelligent Auto Sale Ice Cream Vending Machine Video show

Commercial Self Retail Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Vending Machine Parameters

Pre-cooling temperature 2-5 degree
Air pump over run 0.6
Expension tube over run 30-40%
Product Offering Frozen yogurt ice cream & Soft ice cream
Cooling Type Air cooled

Helado Ice Cream Vending Machine Features

  • Can be placed in any location, no need to design the appearance of the machine by yourself, no need to charge, artificial intelligence operation is suitable for online viral
  • marketingAnti-pinch pickup door, face payment, touch screen, brand compressor, highly- advanced user interfaceIce cream vending machine can be used in any place, such as school,convenience store, shopping mall.
  • It is a convenient way to sell ice cream and also for the convenience of those who are looking for something more than just ice cream. The best part about this machine is that you do not need to worry about the selling.
  • There are many types of ice cream vending machines available in the market, but they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Our machine will be one of your best choise.


Owing to it is long shelf life and efficiency, Commercial Self Retail Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Vending Machine we help to make available offers huge require in the industry. Supply OEM and ODM business term. Prominent & Leading Distributor from Hommy Enterprise, we provide Credit Card Operated Robotic Stainless Steel Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Vending Machine, Mechanical As Seen On Tv Retail Soft Ice Cream Vending Machine, With Touch Screen High End Electric Soft Serve Ice Cream Vending Machine, Milkshake Vending Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Machine and Custom 220v Modern Vending Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine. Our machines are widely used in various places like shopping mall, restaurant, hotels, coffee shop and meals industries for processing of food products. Hommy trying to find potential customers, vendors, wholesalers, agencies from Christmas Island,Namibia,Bouvet Island and Palestinian Territory to cooperate.

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