HM766S OEM vending ice cream machine for Ecuador client

Ecuador client logo in vending ice cream machine that use USA curreny video

Automatic soft ice cream vending machine introductions

  • Automatic soft ice cream vending machine is a fully automated + intelligent + scene + interactive machine that perfectly integrates the online and offline consumption channels of ice cream. It offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for your convenience. Automatic soft ice cream vending machine introduces you to the best in 2021 hottest hot spots. It also provides you with a personalized experience.

Helado Commercial Vending Soft Ice Cream Machine function

  • User-friendly interactive user interface touch screen, and product information customer service and ​delivery administration.
  • Temperature control, ​​automated sales assistant for the convenience of customers.
  • Inventory tracking, customized product selection, personalized promotional program.
  • Target buyer marketing system, segmentation, targeting, positioning.

A list of places where ice cream vending machines can be placed:

  1. School sites: university towns, middle schools, training institutions, school cafeterias
  2. Internet cafes: Internet cafe front desk, Internet cafe cashier.
  3. Office locations: office buildings, foreign-funded enterprises, Taiwan-funded enterprises, large-scale company offices, rest areas.
  4. Business reception: car sales shops, 4S shops, real estate company sales offices, banks, investment promotion offices. .
  5. Operating places: shops, wedding photo studios, bakery, coffee shops, clubs, leisure centers, hotels, cinemas, fast food, supermarkets, shopping malls, fitness centers, beauty salons, beauty centers apartments, hotels, bars, KTV, hotels, game rooms.
  6. Commercial premises: entrances of large shopping malls, pedestrian streets, and commercial streets.
  7. Public places: libraries, stations, swimming pools, airports, blood donation vehicles, blood donation stations, exhibitions and exhibitions.
  8. Finance: banks, securities trading centers.


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