Hommy Sugarcane juice machine help your business success

Hommy Sugarcane juice machine help your business success

Sugar cane, gramineae perennial herbaceous plants, the main cultivation for juicing.

The world’s sugar cane planting is mainly concentrated in Asia.
Vietnam is one of them.

Vietnam predicts that the sugarcane planting area will be expanded to 300,000 hectares by 2030.
At the same time, he will be in 2020– to improve the quality and yield of sugarcane during 2030.

Huge market supply provides unlimited opportunities for the sugar cane industry in Vietnam.
Fresh and healthy sugar cane juice business can flourish.

Fresh sugar cane juice has a good taste and no artificial additives. It is easy to absorb. There are essential differences in juice on the market.

How to keep fresh and healthy cane?
Hommy’s Sugar cane juice r has special pressing system and efficient low temperature system, which can maintain Sugar cane juice freshness and health.

In the hot summer, a bottle of cold sugarcane juice can give a full sense of happiness.

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