HM766C automatic ice cream vending machine USA client visit and test the machine

Automatic ice cream vending machine HM766C test video

Automatic ice cream vending machine Introduction

The ice cream vending machine is a machine that automatically makes and sells ice cream, and it is like the same concept with a coffee vending machine. It is a brand-new form of commercial retail, and is also known as a 24-hour micro supermarket. It is not restricted by time and place, saves manpower, facilitates transactions, and has a huge development prospect.

With Touch Screen Vending Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Benefit

The emergence of ice cream vending machines has had a big impact on the traditional ice cream business model.

  1. It lowers the technical threshold of ice cream, so that the little cabbage can easily make high-quality food; secondly, it reduces operating costs, and can operate without opening a store, and can operate without any employees.
  2. The flexibility of the ice cream vending machine is also unmatched by the traditional business model.
  3. Train stations, cinemas, bars, food courts, park squares, wherever the fire goes, business is certainly better.

Retail Soft Serve Ice Cream Vending Machine making ice cream process

  1. The customer selects the desired flavor through the Retail Soft Serve Ice Cream Vending Machine Touch screen
  2. Pays by scanning the QR code on the mobile phone or paying by cash and credit card.
  3. The manipulator starts to take the cup by itself, pick up the ice cream, pick up the jam, topping, and complete the cup.
  4. The whole process can be as fast as possible Completed in tens of seconds.

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